Spiritual therapist Sathittham Pensuk, 49, analyzes people’s auras and performs astral projections. He also travels to spiritual sites like Stonehenge and the North Pole, gathering power to help save our world.

How did you start doing this job?
I used to be a businessman and lecturer, but I wasn’t happy. So I started meditating and then traveled to Nepal where I found a kind of happiness I’d never known before. All my fame, money and stability in life couldn’t give me this happiness. So I began to study, both here and abroad, about human aura, meditation practices, quantum energy, before opening the Power of Life Center to help people. It looks to combine ancient and modern science to heal.

How do you perform your work?
I start by taking a picture of a person’s aura, and then I examine their problems by analyzing their aura’s color. I use a camera with a special lens that can capture aura lights. Then I advise them on how to fix their problems which includes the meditation practices we offer here. I help to treat their mind, body and spirit. Sometimes I will gather my followers to meditate in strong magnetic fields like at Stonehenge, the pyramids of Giza or the North Pole.

How does it help people?
I encourage psychological meditation to help people who have excessive stress. If they have physical problems, we also have food therapy, shocking the body’s cells, crystal bowls or even healing through the seven chakras. There was one case where our patient had a spinal curvature. She’s now better after trying several of our therapies.

Have you had any supernatural experiences?
I do astral projection where my soul travels out of my body to the other world. I have only seen brightness; it’s wonderful.

How has your work changed your life?
I went from doing everything for work and money to being able to help people.

Will you pass your skills on to the next generation?
Yes, I have so many followers now.

How much do you earn?
It’s hard to say because I wear several hats. But as for the center, you have to be pay B1,000 for membership, B700 for a photo of your aura. Other therapies vary in price.

How much of your talent is training and how much is a natural gift?
It’s both. I think training is important to maintain and make your power stronger.

What do you say to skeptics who don’t believe in your special powers?
It’s fine. They don’t have to believe but if they want proof, just give us a call or come and visit.
Sathittham can be reached at 02-618-2221, 081-332-7822.