Label: Siam Pai Rock
Who: M (vocals), Mos (guitar), Aui (drums), Sutas (bass), Champ (violin) and DJ Warah
What: When the original guitarist of alternative rock band Sillyfool and owner of Nunglen Pub, Toey Kobpop Baiyam, decided to launch his Siam Pai Rock label, he chose to do so by signing Dubberfield, random collection of journeymen of musicians who regularly played his venue and decided to join forces.
Why: All the members have done serious time on the music scene. Aui was a member of all-female rock group Pure (first album released in 2004), Sutas played in Saturday Seiko (2002-2008) while Champ has appeared in the Teddy Ska Band and made waves with two of his own projects, BeforeChamp and Walrus. Despite these diverse backgrounds, Dubberfield boast a cohesive, dynamic sound. Lead single “Up Chill” is smooth electronic pop, but innovative follow-up “Shoes” finds the band really hitting their stride, with M’s powerful Thai vocals sitting atop a pulsating dubstep-influenced beat, pointing to an interesting future for Thailand’s dancefloors.
Sounds like: A sweet, lady-fronted Skrillex.  
Catch them at: www.facebook.com/DubberfieldBand

Electric Neon Lamp

Label: Sony Music Thailand
Who: Jen (vocals), Ton (guitar), Tae (bass), Tan (guitar) and Pak (drums)
What: Four of the members played together while in high-school in Lampang but things really got serious when they started attending Chiang Mai University and Tan joined the fold. In-the-know indie fans might remember their single “Because of You” from the Believe Records Compilation 01 released in 2007. After that they recorded an EP and released their debut album Bright Side (2009), as well as performed at Fat Festival in both 2010 and 2011. And you can expect to hear a lot more from Electric Neon Lamp now that they’ve signed with big label, Sony Music Thailand.    
Why: New single “Pawinee” is instantly likeable and shows off the band’s signature sound with its soaring melodies and sensitive vocals.
Sounds like: A slicker, more doe-eyed version of US indie faves The Drums.
Catch them at: www.facebook.com/electric.neon.lamp.band


Label: Smallroom
Who: Seph (guitar and vocals), Toon (bass), Art (drums) and Tok (guitar)
What: When Seph won the Love Is Music competition back in 2010, he enlisted two friends to record a single, “Mai Wa Tee Dai.” After those two members quit, he got to know Toon through the Siam Bass website and they then invited Art and Tok to form Spoonfulz. They sent their demo to Smallroom last year, after which label honcho and bassist for 90s band Crub, Rungroj Uptampotiwat, called them in for an audition and then signed them.    
Why: They draw from varied musical influences: Tok is heavy metal-inspired (think Iron Maiden and Megadeth) while Seph is into rock like Sillyfool and blues like Willie Dixon (this is who Spoonfulz got their name came from). This merging of tastes certainly makes for an intriguing listen.      
Sounds like: The band is still finding their feet. Their first single, “Yin Dee Ton Rub,” sounds a little too much like Tattoo Color, which is understandable given Rath (Tattoo Color’s guitarist) has produced some of their songs.   
Catch them at: www.facebook.com/Spoonfulz


Label: Comet Records
Who: Nam-Oun
What: The latest signing to the brand new indie label run by singer, producer and songwriter Tung Jakchai Panchanon, better known as Casinotone. The label launched two months ago with Tung’s single “Journey,” before he met pretty young thing and Le Cordon Bleu student Nam-oun via Instagram (is there anything Instagram can’t do?). “I saw Nam-Oun’s profile and I thought she’s cool, confident and got good taste in music. So, I ended up writing a song for her,” explains Tung.
Why: Just when it seems every pretty face is picking up a ukulele and fronting a full band, Nam-Oun’s debut single “Got to do it” evokes a very different 90s electronic vibe. And it’s got all the right credentials: not only was the song written by Casinotone, the sound was arranged by Funky Wah Wah – two acts who helped define the Thai electronic music scene in the late 90s and early 00s.
Sounds like: Very much a younger, hipper version of Australian songstress Kylie Minogue.    
Catch them at: www.facebook.com/lunarbkk


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