Number 41-60 of 100 things to do in Singapore before you die.


41) Request a song from the houseband at CM-PB. Journey, perhaps. #01-05 7 Dempsey Rd., 6475-0105.

42) Skinny dip off the East Coast.

43) Run a lap of the 26th story Skybridge at Pinnacle@Duxton. Befriend a resident to gain access. 1A Cantonment Rd.

44) Show your face at a Pigeonhole event. Who’d have thought worthy and cool could be combined to such winning effect? 52-53 Duxton Rd.,

45) Do your bit for the environment for once and buy an eco-friendly shoe at Ecco, #01-047 Suntec City Mall, 3 Temasek Blvd., 6334-0410.

46) Marvel at the island’s last remaining Damar Hitam Gajah trees, between Netheravon Rd. and Turnhouse Rd. in Changi.

47) Charter a boat out to Raffles Lighthouse, Singapore’s southernmost point and thus the very definition of getting away from it all.

48) Spend a Friday night drinking with the kids on Robertson Bridge, behind Zouk. No pretence and the cheapest prices in town.

49) Find the German graves at Kranji War Cemetery, 9 Woodlands Rd.

50) Lose yourself in decades of song at vinyl junkies’ best-keptsecret Red Point, #06- 11 Kapo Factory, 80 Playfair Rd., 6383-3955.

51) Taste Swedish-halal food for the first time at Fika, 257 Beach Rd., 6396-9096.

52) Rip it up and start again at an indie punk gig down at Straits Records, 24A Bali Lane, [email protected].

53) Attempt to spend $100 in the ten cent stores of Little India without buying the same item twice.

54) Add The Online Citizen to your RSS feed.

55) Let the flames of the oil refineries light up your evening hunt for corals at Cyrene Reef.

56) Slide down the elephant at Pasir Ris Park playground.

57) Play X’Ho’s latest album Singapura Uber Alles to as many friends as possible.

58) Put your arm round someone special at a Drive-in MovieMob film screening.

59) Lay out a rug and catch a performance on the Botanic Gardens’ Shaw Foundation Symphony Stage, 1 Cluny Rd., 6471-7361.

60) Point a telephoto lens at the exit from Orchard Towers. Four floors of boorish men, who’ll try to hide their face.

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