Are you dreading the Bangkok lockdown that could possibly be looming on the horizon? Well, here's an idea that might make it more appealing—plus, you could be smug in the knowledge you're doing a good deed. With over 100 cats and kittens in their shelter, animal shelter PAWS Bangkok is in sore need of a helping hand during these troubling times. Here are just a few of the many cats that need a loving foster home right now. Their minimum foster period is two weeks—just perfect if you're self-quaratining or social distancing! PAWS will provide you with all the supplies you need. If you're game, you can message PAWS via their Facebook page.
Name: Orange 
Sex: Female
About: Quite active and likes to play
Name: Seadum
Sex: Female
About: Blind in one eye. Affectionate once she comes out of her shell
Name: Soi 3
Sex: Male
About: Loving and affectionate, would love attention in a family home 
Name: Hannah
Sex: Female
About: Sweet and easy going
Name: Tim Tam
Sex: Female
About: Chilled-out lounge around companion cat
Name: Smiley
Sex: Male
About: Blind, loving and affectionate
Name: Thonglor
Sex: Female
About: Shy but fun to be around