For now. 

The much-vaunted Mangmoom (“Spider”) card will finally be unveiled to the public on Jun 22, but it won’t deliver all that was anticipated. 

The card, meant to cover all modes of public transportation, has been promised for the best part of a decade but has encountered setback after setback.

Upon its release, the Mangmoom card will only work on the MRT Blue and Purple lines. That’s right, the lines you already have a card for.

The good news, according to Khaosod English, is that this should only be the case until October, when the pass will also cover the Airport Rail Link and city buses.

Until then, we’ll have to make do with an ever-bulging wallet full of cards.

From Jun 22, some 200,000 of the top-up cards will be available to the public, who will have to register in person at an MRT station with an ID card.