Calling all meat lovers.

DEAL: Order from one of nine select dishes and get a free dish or drink, plus discounts when ordering via Line

Missing some fiery, meaty Thai dishes? Here’s some good news. Wuanood is now open for seating (with strict social distancing measures, of course) and also for delivery for both the Mahatun Plaza and Empire Tower branches.
Order from one of nine dishes below:
1. US short plate beef krapao (B199)
2. Premium sliced beef shanks krapao (B199)
3. Kurobuta pork krapao (B139)
4. Wagyu gaolao (soup without noodles) with rice (B385)
5. US short plate beef gaolao with rice (B199)
6. Premium sliced beef shanks gaolao with rice (B180) 
7. Kurobuta pork gaolao with fried salted chili pork fat and rice (B130)
8. Grilled pork neck with garlic sauce and rice (B125)
9. Fried pork neck with spicy mango sauce (B125)
And get one of these nine items below for free:
1. Fresh guava frappe
2. Longan juice
3. Passion fruit juice
4. Fried pork fat
5. Boiled egg
6. Fried egg
7. Fried duck egg
8. Thai coconut pudding
9. Ice cream
Order now by calling 02-650-7842 (Mahatun Plaza branch, open daily 10am-8pm) or 02-286-1123 (Empire Tower branch, open 10am-3:30pm). Order from Line (@wuanood), and get B50 off of the delivery fee. Available via Lineman with delivery fees starting from B10. Also available via Get and Grab. 
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