The Conjuring

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Who would have thought that the director of torture porn gore fest Saw could come up with something so subdued and old-fashioned? (Scary we're not surprised by.) James Wan has immaculately drawn from classic scare flicks The Changeling, The Exorcist, Poltergeist, The Amityville Horror and The Birds for a potent tale of evil spirits and demonic possessions built on mood and dread for what is, arguably, the most terrifying horror film of the last decade (and perhaps one ups some of these originals). Even the title gives us the creeps.

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Mon, 2013-08-05
The Conjuring
Terry Ong

The chairs are great, but there’s a whole lot more to look out for at this extensive and mammoth exhibition.

Some of us will never understand the merits of an overpriced chair; but a well-designed one—that’s another story. Although the legendary Eames chairs on sale today are mass-produced by chairmakers Herman Miller with rather inaccessible prices, this exhibition will cost you almost next to nothing for a lowdown of the rich history behind their creations.

Sure, the main bit of the exhibition (and the highlight for most people) is the section where most of Ray and Charles Eames’ creations are exhibited, but Essential Eames: A Herman Miller Exhibition is so much more than that. “The Eames legacy is that of creativity in design which transcends boundaries, philosophies and even time itself,” says ArtScience Museum’s Associate Director Ross Leo. “And the exhibition is a fitting reflection of their substantial contributions.” Eames Demetrios, who grew up with the couple and is also Director of the Eames office as well as curator of the exhibition, echoes Leo’s sentiments. “We want to introduce people to the breadth, pleasure and richness of the Eames’ work,” he says. “We want to share some of the beautiful ideas behind their work, ideas that are not simply vehicles for the creation of objects but for everyday living. The exhibition embodies that spirit.”

Certainly, the Eames experience transcends beyond just objects of desires. Visitors will get a sneak peek into the design process behind the Eames chairs through the “Exploded Lounge Chair” exhibit where every bolt and nut of an Eames creation is broken down ala Damien Hirst’s “Mother and Child Divided”; while fans of both still and moving images can get their fix of hundreds of photographs which depict both their lives and working processes throughout their artistic journeys together. While the couple’s cinematic work, notably the groundbreaking short film Powers of Ten, which depicts the magnitude of the universe based on a factor of ten, is a hypnotic visual delight. And for those seeking a more interactive experience, there are also various installations, our favorite being the entertaining Moebius Band playstation. Design fans meanwhile can look out for the various Eames collaborative posters over the years, including a notable one by Japan’s Keiichi Tanaami, who infused their works with a hip, psychedelic edge.

Thirty years on, the works of Ray and Charles remain as relevant and revolutionary as ever.

Essential Eames: A Herman Miller Exhibition is on through Jan 5, 2014. at the ArtScience Museum, Marina Bay Sands. $8-15.


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Something’s Brewing
Dempsey’s pretty happening these days, with new bars Jiu Zhuang, The Green Door and Chameleon opening over the last three month and Taphouse (18E Dempsey Hill), by the good people behind Brewerkz, scheduled to open later this month. It will be a smaller, cozier joint compared to their other outlets, and will boast additional pizza and burger options previously unavailable in their menu. There will also be six craft beers on tap, alongside the group’s full selection of imported beers and all of their own bottled and mini-keg styles. “When the opportunity to move into Dempsey came up, we thought that the balance of local and western heritage of the area reflected well with our own vision of ourselves,” says Marketing Manager Paulina Hatta. “As the third microbrewery on the scene—Tawandang is kitty-corner and Red Dot is down the road—Dempsey is no stranger to craft beer, but we think that Taphouse will bring something new to the table. It will be reminiscent of small-town watering holes that so many of us are familiar with—from Portland to Boulder to Brooklyn—combined with a firm nod to the Singaporean history of our well-known homegrown brand.”

For Art Sake’s
Not quite a new addition, but a revamp that we’re also looking forward to is The Butter Factory’s Art Bar, formerly Fash. Not that the parties in Fash have been anything less than zany, but fashionable duo and owners Bobby Luo and Ritz Lim have decided to refresh the space anyways.” Compared to Fash , the Art Bar is definitely a warmer, cozier space,” says Luo. Besides the interior, it will have more focus on the four elements that matter to us: Music, Art & Design, Fashion and Bar Culture. Another two things that separate Art Bar from Fash—there will be no cover charge (except for guest DJ nights and special events), and our exclusive signature cocktails menu prepared by famed mixologist Ethan Leslie Leong from Maison Ikkoku.” Great drinks aside, partygoers can also look forward to new interiors as well, from furniture to wall fixtures and even bill folders, themed around the concept of “Art Upcycling”. Plus, there will also be specially-commissioned artworks by both local and international artists that will grace its walls over the upcoming months.

Fashion Flicks Forward
Following a hiatus last year, The Singapore Fashion Film Festival will return Oct 23-27 across various venues. Although the lineup of the main films is unconfirmed, each will be preceded by a short film screening of the local fashion scene, currently in the works by festival organizer Kevin Seah (of Kevin Seah Bespoke fame) alongside a team of fashion designers, models, choreographers and bloggers. There will also be two short films in the program, curated by the National Museum of Singapore, and fringe events including presentations and seminars by designers Eymeric Francois and Wykidd Song, and photographer Olivier Henry. Stay tuned for more info.



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