1. Khao Mokoju

Standing at 1,964 meters, this is no mountain for the untrained. Mokoju is located inside Mae Wong National Park, Kampaengpet Province, around 400km from Bangkok, and it takes five days to trek in and out. 


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2. Doi Chiang Dao, Chiang Mai

The third tallest peak in Thailand at 2,225 meters, Chiang Dao is a two-hour drive outside Chiang Mai and it takes around five hours to reach the summit. 


3. Khao Chang Pueak, Kanchanaburi

Set a relatively tame 1,249 meters above sea level, this mountain will still get the adrenaline rushing. It isn't nicknamed San Khom Meed (or Knife Edge) for nothing. Around 2.5 hours' drive from Bangkok.



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4. Doi Inthanon, Chiang Mai

At 2,565 meters, this is Thailand’s tallest peak. Taking the 3km Kew Mae Pan nature trail is like walking on the clouds. Around two hours' drive from Chiang Mai.



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5. Doi Phatang, Chiang Rai

1,638 meters above sea level. Situated right on the Thailand’s border with Laos, around 160km from Chiang Rai, this peak is renowned for its spectacular sunsets and sunrises. Don’t forget to go take a picture of the cracked rock that stands like a door overlooking the Mekong River.


6. Phu Chi Fah, Chiang Rai

Perched on the Lao border, only 25km from Doi Phatang (see above), this 1,442-meter mountain is famous for its views of a seemingly endless horizon. Sunrise is the best time to visit, when you'll feel like you’re truly on top of the world.


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7. Phu Kradueng, Loei

Phu Kradueng National Park is best known for its high-altitude plateau of the same name, with an elevation of 1,316 meters. Come winter temperatures on the iconic flat peak can drop to freezing levels, when red maple leaves line the ground. About one hour's drive from Loei city in Thailand's North. 


8. Phu Langka, Phayao

This mountain, and national park of the same name, is best for its incredible sea of fog, which sees otherworldly rock formations stand out like islands in the sky. 1,720 meters above sea level. About a 120km-drive from Phayao city.


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9. Doi Angkhang, Chiang Mai

Best known as the place where HM the King's Royal Projects began, Doi Angkhang is the perfect place to get a taste of winter—when temperatures are known to dip to below-zero and real Japanese cherry blossoms bloom. The peak is 1,928 meters above sea level and about three hours' drive from Chiang Mai.


10. Doi Samer Dao, Nan

True to its name (which translates to "Next to the Stars"), this is the perfect place to lie on the grass and gaze at a sea of stars. Added bonus: The super sunrise. 


11. Phu Tabberk, Petchabun

This mountain around four hours' drive north of Bangkok is known for its plentiful cabbage fields. Driving towards the peak during rainy season is not for the faint-hearted. A recent crack-down on illegaly operating resorts is aimed at rerutning the area to its natural beauty.


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12. Phu Soi Dao, Uttaradit

Even four hours' climbing won’t quite get you to the top of this 2,120-meter mountain, but it's all about the journey: otherworldly pine forests and grass fields that turn into seas of flowers at the end of rainy season. 



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13. Doi Pha Hom Pok, Chiang Mai

Doi Inthanon may be taller, but this runner-up (2,285 meters) has much better views. Sunrise and sunset are both not to be missed, nor are the hot springs and geysers at the foot of the mountain. About three hours' drive from Chiang Mai.


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14. Doi Puico, Mae Hong Son

This newly accessible attraction in Mae Hong Son stands tall at 1,406 meters above sea level. Locates in Sobmei district, the top of this mountain offers 360-degree views, which means you can witness both the sunrise and sunset. Getting this is about a four-hour ride from Mae Hong Son town.

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15. Doi Mamuang Sammuen, Tak

Situated in the deep forest of Mae Sot, Tak province, the 1,800-meter Doi Mamuang Sammuen is truly like walking on the clouds. An added bonus awaits at the peak where you can see the heart-shape of Pre Toh Lor Su, the tallest waterfall in Thailand at 508 meters high. Visiting here is the real deal as it requires an 18km trek that takes three days and two nights. Rainy season is the best time to go.


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