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When it comes to Thai travel bloggers, it wouldn't be a complete list without this username on it. This popular solo traveler has ventured everywhere from New Zealand to China, and his images on Instagram and Facebook (which has over 20,000 likes and counting) beautifully capture the scenery of his destinations, alongside plenty of useful travel and photography tips.



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This stunning high-resolution travel diary captures some of the most surreal wide-angle landscape views out there, from the peak of New Zealand's Mount Cook to the rock formation tips in Cappadocia, Turkey. If you're a hiker that loves mountaintop views, this feed is the one for you. 



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This Chulalongkorn University graduate has made a name for herself as one of the most popular solo travelers in the country, and now she's on a permanent gap year exploring all corners of the world. On top of the images capturing scenery, local life and cultures, her captions never fail to provide funny and interesting anecdotes from her adventures. Read our interview here



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This user's iPhone photography has recently been selected for the Apple World Gallery and it’s not difficult to see why. Combining a great eye for color, patterns and composition, these images take us around the most interesting scenes of Asia, from the layered rice fields of Hanoi to hidden temples around Thailand.



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Having traveled to more countries than we can name, this photographer's feed captures some of the most outstanding landscapes around the world. Expect to hop between the huge rock valleys in Jordan, to trailing giraffes and rhinos on safari, to dipping in Iceland's thermal spa pools.



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If you feel like you've run out of places to explore in Thailand, check out this photographer. With a clear love for the outdoors, this photographer captures everything from wildlife to underwater to long exposures of the country's most beautiful spots. In particular, his shots while exploring hidden caves and waterfalls are pretty magical. 


This professional photographer captures daily life around the country and Asia. His use of long exposure, lighting and composition makes ordinary scenes seem magical, and it's safe to say we want to explore every place he's captured.



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A feed filled with high-resolution landscape shots, each one better than the last. This photographer loves to play with long exposures and his star trail shots, in particular, with backdrops like the temples of Myanmar's Mrauk U or the peak of Indonesia's Mt. Bromo that are seriously awesome. 



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This feed focuses largely on glistening shots of beachlife, whether it's paddleboarding in Phuket, cliffdiving in Chiang Mai or snorkelling in the Andaman sea—expect plenty of blue skies, white sand and clear waters. The recent shots from his hike up to the snowy basecamp of the Himalayas are a bit different, but equally stunning, and promise a similarly refreshing feed to scroll through in the Bangkok heat. 



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Much as the username suggests, this feed is filled with some stunning long-exposure landscapes from around the world, most of which are aerial views from skyscrapers or mountain tops. After scrolling through his shots from Mt. Bromo and Chiang Mai's Om Koi, this is another user that hikers won't want to miss out on.



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In just the past month, it seems this photographer has hopped between New Zealand, Indonesia and Turkey, and has brought back with them some amazing photographs. Focusing on shots with faded, muted tones, this promises to be a calming feed to scroll through that perfectly captures the serenity of the outdoors.



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Some may know this guy as one of the singers from The Star singing competition, but he's gained quite a following as a photographer, too. His photos focus on exploring Japan and all its beauty, ranging from the flowers at the Hitachi Seaside Park to playing with snow monkeys at Jigokudani. For those who are planning their next trip to Japan, this is one not to miss.



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If you’re in a constant state of wanderlust, here’s one not to miss—this user is the guy behind the popular "Ja Tiew Pai Nai" Facebook page which has over 300,000 likes. With shots taken mostly around Thailand, this photographer/travel addict always seems to be standing on a beautiful mountaintop somewhere or camping underneath the stars, and he never fails to capture it amazingly.



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It seems that this photographer lives out of their backpacking and is constantly on the move discovering hidden gems around the country. Whether it's a mountain top in the middle of nowhere or cascading waterfalls in the depths of the jungle, it's easy for forget that these were taken right here in Thailand. 



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This couple has dedicated their spare time to traveling around the world and blogging about it. Their photos are captivating to say the least, and combine the daily life, scenery and wildlife that they encounter. Whether it's their photos from the lakes of New Zealand, the museums of Netherlands or the temples of India, you'll want to book a plane ticket after scrolling through. 

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