Could ticket prices reach new heights? 

Did you rejoice back in 2008 when Thai Airways joined Bangkok Airways in flying directly to Samui International Airport? We certainly did. Despite only operating two return flights a day, it served to break Bangkok Airway's monopoly on the route. Whilst prices may not have gone down, they have at least remained relatively steady over the past 10 years—but this may be set to change.

Following signing a codeshare contract with Thai Airways last year, it seems that Bangkok Airways is set to sink its claws back in. According to The Nation, starting this September, Thai Airways will end their Samui flight service and instead offer transfers to the island via Bangkok Airways. Whether this will see prices soar to new heights, only time will tell.

Privately owned and managed by Bangkok Airways, Samui International Airport ( was built in 1989. Right now, there are over 20 roundtrip flights operating between Samui-Bangkok a day, with an eye-watering minimum cost of B9,580 for a roundtrip. If these prices go up any further, maybe we should just forget about Samui and start holidaying in Japan instead.