Sleep with the fishes in Maldives. 

Conrad Maldives Rangali has taken its hospitality game to a whole other level—about five meters under the sea, in fact. 

The latest addition to the resort's fleet of swanky floating villas is a two-story stay, called "Muraka" (meaning “coral" in the local Dhivehi language), set right amid the turquoise waters. 

Instead of counting the stars, you'll be playing spot-the-fish from your glass-walled bedroom surrounded by vibrant coral. The ocean floor also includes a spacious living area and bathroom with a tub gazing out onto the vast ocean.

The above-water floor, meanwhile, boasts a "relaxation deck" where you can catch some sun.

The experience doesn't come cheap, with a minimum four-night stay topping out at B6,599,763 (USD200,000), though bear in mind that also includes a personal chef to cook all your meals and access to a private boat. 

The resort is also home to Ithaa, the world’s first undersea restaurant, which serves up Western-inspired dishes and fine wines.