Minimalism with a bracing shot of coffee.


Just when you thought the Chiang Mai coffee scene couldn’t get any more competitive, Cottontree Coffee Roasters (086-090-9014, joined the fray.

This cafe has the advantage of being just above and beyond the main Nimman drag, meaning it’s peaceful in the way of a silent reading party (a real thing).

The space is done in a clean, minimalist style, with dark wood furniture and big stretches of white wall broken up with an occasional plant. On roasting day, the scent of coffee wafts from the back room where the big drum roaster lives.

The earthy cold brew is steeped overnight, and if you’re in the mood for something sweet, it comes with ginger caramel (B90), too. Don’t miss the cheesecake (B90), which is made daily and perfectly balanced between sweet and tart.

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