About time. 

Police are cracking down on one of Bangkok's oldest tourist scams. 

Bangkok Post reports that almost 90 people have been rounded up in an operation to restore order around the Grand Palace following complaints of foreign visitors being pressured into purchasing unwanted services.

Led by the Tourism Police Bureau, the blitz targeted street vendors, and tuk-tuk and taxi drivers engaging in acts like pressing foreign visitors to visit souvenir or tailor shops or take river cruises. 

Of the 87 people arrested, 68 were charged for violating traffic regulations and 19 for causing a nuisance in public areas. 

A further 52 people were detained and warned against fraudulent activities that could the country's tourism industry. 

For decades, the Grand Palace in Bangkok's historic Rattanakosin district has been a happy hunting ground for scammers, with tourists long accusing vendors, drivers and "guides" of lying about the landmarks's opening hours and selling substandard goods and services. 

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