Mouthwatering desserts and coffee cones.

Set in an airy two-story house in Chiang Mai's Old Town, it's hard not to feel at home when you're lounging in the comforting Nuan Cafe and Bistro (

The 50-year-old building once belonged to a diplomat and it feels as if not much has been tampered with since, save for a touch of polish. The casual, light-filled space is decked out with vintage furniture and potted plants which offset the minimalist backdrop of white walls and curtains.

The drinks menu is rife with cutesy names like Warm on a Cold Night (charcoal latte, B79) and Fly Me to the Moon (double ristretto with vanilla cream, B89)—they've even caught on to the latest coffee-in-a-cone trend with their signature drink, Heart in Hand (latte served in a waffle cone, B89). For dessert, try the Yellow Mellow: juicy mango topped with vanilla cream cheese ice cream and a waffle wafer (B69).

For now, only drinks and desserts are on offer, but they plan on dishing up hot plates in the future.