Residing in a gorgeous antique house by a lotus pond in Thalang, Phuket, Maa Doo Bua creates Thai dishes that celebrate the humble, versatile, nutritious and delicious lotus stem.

For example, you can forget your regular potato French fries; here, they serve lotus stems that have been deep-fried until crisp and golden perfection. Other signatures include stir-fried lotus stems with shrimp paste (B250) and a relish made with flower stems and fresh prawns (B420).

The aquatic flower, long considered a symbol of purity for Buddhists, is also renowned for its health benefits which range from boosting digestion to reducing stress.

That doesn't stop Maa Doo Bua from putting the ingredient to use in decadently sweet treats like pannacotta with candied lotus stems (B195). The drink list, meanwhile, offers some exciting new flavors like the spicy tom yum soda (B165), or a sweet melon flavored latte with tapioca bubbles (B175).

Located amid a lush green landscape, the restaurant keeps the natural vibe going inside with pared-back wood furnishings. When it’s sunny out, take up a bean bag on their outdoor terrace or plop down on one of the mesh nets that are perched over the lotus pond.