Thai chef Warit Jadpratum, boasting 25 years in Japanese eateries, began putting on the “Samurai Dinner Set” in July, a kaiseki meal for discerning visitors to one of Thailand’s most popular tourist islands. 
Kaiseki—a multi-course Japanese-style meal made from seasonal ingredients and showcasing a variety of cooking methods—is nothing new to Bangkok, but it’s a rare treat for the islands. 
This new dining option, however, will only be available every two weeks, as the preparation of kaiseki can be quite an undertaking. According to the Banyan Tree chef, the dinner will focus on seasonality, and this month included a Japanese rib-eye with garlic and ginger, seared tuna sashimi, and venus clams in a miso broth, and sake steamed tiger prawns. 
Banyan Tree has long been a haven for fine dining on Koh Samui, with half a dozen dining venues, including the popular Saffron serving Thai cuisines. This region of Thailand is getting a bit of a boost to its dining scene soon, as it was unveiled last year that the next spots in Thailand set for the Michelin Guide 2024 would be Surat Thani and Koh Samui.
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Photo: Banyan Tree Samui rooms / Banyan Tree Samui