For all you adventure seekers who aren’t quite prepared to get down and dirty, here's another gorgeous glamping spot to drool over.

Located in secluded Khao Yai (around three and a half hours' drive from Bangkok) and surrounded by over 3,200 sq-meters of green fields, Te Mata Glamping’s singular, exquisite tent is capable of accommodating over seven people, with one king and four single beds. Elevated high above the ground with a strong wooden base and a spacious terrace area on all sides, this is about as close as you can get to staying in a house while still being able to claim it’s camping.

Inside, polished wooden floors, shades of cream and earthy browns feature in the spacious living area with its TV and big comfy sofas, while natural furnishings, like a tree trunk-base coffee table and rattan lamp shades, ensure you still get a feel of the outdoors. The bathroom is hotel-like: spacious and well-equipped with all the essential amenities. And, since there’s only one tent, you pretty much get the whole property to yourself. What’s not to like?

There’s also an organic vegetable garden on site, as well as ATVs and bicycles for exploring the grounds, and you can even “build your own breakfast” from classic options like eggs or Thai rice porridge, served until 11am—meaning you can choose to lie in.

Ready to check in? The rates depend on the number of guests: from B8,000/ night (two to three people),  B14,000 (for four to six) and B22,000 (seven plus), but it’s worth checking out for discount deals.