Beach bod ready.

We know sticking to your health regime while in paradise can be difficult, but you’ve got to fit in that itsy bitsy bikini somehow.

The passionate vegan crew behind Wild Tribe Cafe on bustling Lamai Street is on a mission to educate people on nutrition and plant-based eating. The peaceful, light-filled cafe keeps things casual with an open-plan space, decked out simply with potted plants and rough wooden tables.

Here, the MSG and chemical-free dishes are vegan and high in nutrients.

The smoothie bowls come in various flavors and toppings (B220) but, for a more indulgent treat, go for the sourdough French toast (B180), which comes with caramelized pineapple and creamy coconut sauce, or the raw brownie topped with coconut ice cream (B100).

There are also some savory options, like the jungle curry made with unusual ingredients like lychee and chickpeas, and burrito bowls with guacamole and homemade salsa, plus a wide selection of smoothies to help with your five-a-day.

Non-vegans, don’t despair—you can request meat options, including chicken, salmon and tuna, if you dare.