Finally, Chiang Mai's got itself a serious new cocktail bar. Drinksmith ( takes over a quiet spot on Mahidol Road just outside the Old Town, oozing Parisian charm through its blue walls adorned with square photograph frames, wooden stools and moody lighting. 

The magic happens behind a great long wooden bar, where local bartenders muddle and shake before beautifully decorated shelves of liquor. 

On top of the classics, the bar's signature creations are all about using local flavors and fruity house infusions. Try the Flamingo Stomper (B250), a fruity cocktail that blends hazelnut, vanilla, lime and coconut milk, or the Oopsie Daisy (B300), an elderflower and vanilla cocktail that comes with fresh lychee topped with prosecco and bursts with floral notes. 

Open Tue-Sun from 9am-midnight, they serve bistro-style brunch items and coffees during the day, while dinner spotlights meaty dishes (ribs, chicken and beef). Soon there'll be a new snack menu to pair with your favorite poison.