Plant, harvest and eat your own melons. No hard labor or pesticides required. 

For a different weekend activity, head over to Coro Field (, a newly-opened organic Japanese honeydew farm in Ratchaburi (barely two hours out of Bangkok) for some fresh melons, arts and crafts, and relaxed farming.

Here, farming is approached as a hobby to get away from hectic city life rather than a career, so you'll find many workshops, DIY and GIY (grow it yourself, a term coined by the founders) stations to partake in. 

Unlike your typical farm, the 104-rai compound is arranged in a tidy, minimal fashion (not unlike a Muji store, strangely enough), with most farming factors in the greenhouse controlled through a computer system. This means little actual labor is needed to maintain the blooming fruits, but visitors still get the chance to plant their own seeds and harvest their own fruits.

Another highlight is the on-site restaurant focusing on dishes made with the melons, sweet potatoes and cherry tomatoes freshly plucked from the farm. 

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