A cozy space that's just perfect for your morning cup. 

Gateway Coffee Roaster—the latest sibling of Chiang Mai's well-loved Graph Cafe—is a real home-from-home.

The two-story concrete building on Thapae Road may not seem like much from the outside—once white, it now looks decrepit and years old, turned a yellowish-brown with bits scraping off to reveal the red bricks beneath. The cafe keeps it raw and rustic as it comes, but they've cleaned it up real good and finished it off with comfy chairs, sofas and polished wooden flooring. As a result, it feels almost like your childhood home, just with a decent coffee bar and a dessert menu to complement your chill time. 

And, as you can expect from any of Graph's spin-offs, they’re creative with their coffee, using ingredients you never thought would work together—like the Hibernate (B145), a latte with orange pulp and honeycomb on a base of maple panna cotta, or the affogato (B140), a coffee-based dessert that sees rich chocolate ice-cream melt beneath the glorious heat of a dark espresso shot.

It'll also come as no surprise that their coffee beans are sourced from  farms in Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai.

Thapae Rd. Open daily 9am-6pm. www.fb.com/gatewaycoffeeroasters