From full-scale theatre shows at Jing Jai Warehouse to public space events at Thapae Gate and Chiang Mai University, Chiang Mai is getting a dose of theater and performance art from Oct 21-29.
Organized by Chiang Mai-based theater company Glom, Pantomime Planet 2023 will host local and international acts that include mime, kids activities, workshops, and live theater performances.
Their shows include the Obake at Jing Jai Warehouse, in which four performers will perform the tales of four Edo-period Japanese ghosts. Artists include Japanese mime artist Yano Kazuki who Bangkokers may remember from the Pantomime Live in Bangkok festival and Thailand’s Tong Gluea, as well as magician Sun VK. Vich and Suphannahong Award winning actor Kak Wannasak Sirilar. 
Other performances include the narrative two-actor Ta Lent Show (Ta Nuttapol Kummata and Paitoon Laisakuland) and House of Mask and Mime (Kwin Bhichitkul), featuring mime, clown, and object theater.
Public space performances by the international artists will take place in the mornings and afternoons throughout the festival period in Chiang Mai spots like the Jing Jai Market, Nong Buak Hat Park, Saturday Walking Street, and Sunday Walking Street, according to a press release from the organizer.
Consult the Chiang Mai Performing Arts Festival for more information. Follow the Chiang Mai Tickets can be found here and public space performances are free to the public.