Chill treehouse vibes. 

Heading to Mae Rim, Chiang Mai, this cool season? Stop by Cafe de Jungle (053-106-327, and lose yourself in nature—and one of the mesh nests of this cafe that’s perched above a waterfall.

A wooden bridge spans the ravine between the two sides of the cafe, which gets its rugged, treehouse vibe from the surrounding Pongyang Jungle Coaster Zipline Camp & Resort.

Being one with nature doesn’t exclude comfort: there’s an air-conditioned section with floor-to-ceiling glass that makes you feel like you’re sitting in the canopy.

Watch the waterfall as you sip on a chocolate latte made with the house blend (B80) and take a bite out of the velvety chocolate cheesecake (B100).

If the outdoor mood gets to your head, there’s always the zipline and coaster nearby to try your hand at jungle thrills. 

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