Tucked between Nimmanhaemin Sois 3 and 5, Arttitude Gallery (www.fb.com/arttitudegallery) not only serves coffee, but they also specialize in sugar-free, 100-percent pure cold-pressed juices. And because they are health-focused folks, there isn’t any alcohol.

The loft-style venue features plenty of wood and plants for a homey, airy feel. There is also a small gallery space, where the owner intends to host exhibitions starting this coming winter.

Another quirk of this place is the menu. With the goal of wanting customers to become more familiar with art, all of the drinks are named after famous paintings, based on their flavor and color scheme, with the most popular so far being the Monet Sunrise consisting of carrots, passion fruit and pineapple (B65).

Before your fresh beverage is served to you, a staff member will wrap a tag (similar to one you attach to a present) with a printed image of the painting your drink is named after, as well as a brief history and explanation. Neat, huh?