It’s less than three hours from Bangkok, and the moment you step out of the airport, this glittering city sucks you in. No other city fills up its real estate quite as efficiently as this harbor metropolis, and if you want to get in a solid 24 hours of food and drink, you’re going to need to hustle.  
Sitting on a wooden stool on the street, slurping noodles, fine dining with a panoramic view—Hong Kong’s well-established food scene caters to every palate. With this diverse culinary landscape in mind, we’ve crafted a condensed one-day guide highlighting a few must-visit spots to eat and dance to your heart’s content. Ready, set, go.  



Australia Dairy Company

Photo: Scrambled Egg Sandwich - Australia Dairy Company / City Foodsters Flickr 
It’s got some hype, but the Australia Dairy Company is an experience you don’t want to miss. This local cha chaan teng (a Hong-Kong style diner) gained fame for its scrambled eggs that have captured foodies’ hearts all over the world. And there are plenty of online theories and Reddit threads trying to decipher the recipe. It’s also why people line up for hours for a 10-minute window to order and chow it down. The name is a nod to the founder’s past, having worked on an Australian farm in the 1940s. The diner was founded in the 1970s and still survives (very rare in Hong Kong). Over the years, it has become an icon on the Hong Kong restaurant scene. The diner is also renowned for its efficiency and speedy service. This, however, comes at a cost, as the establishment has earned a reputation for its less-than-appealing customer service. Word of advice: Know what to order before being seated. 
47, Parkes St, Jordan., +852-2730-1356. Fri-Wed 7:30am-10pm. 



Sun Hing Restaurant 

With factory-made dim sum dominating Hong Kong’s food scene, it’s tough to come across a handmade dim sum joint. Sun Hing’s dim sum is made by hand in a parlor that operates in the wee hours of 3 am to 4 pm. Having been open for 50 years, it still never fails to gather a queue by 5am. The joint is self-service, where customers place orders and wait for their dumplings to be freshly steamed. Give the fung jow (chicken feet) a try, and indulge in classics like ha gow, BBQ pork buns, and Cantonese-style sponge cake. Oh, and don’t miss their golden lava buns, a signature at Sun Hing. 
Shop C, G/F, 8, Smithfield Rd., +852-2816-0616, Open daily 3am-4pm.  



% Arabica

Photo: %Arabica Kennedy Town /
Why a chain? If you’re trying to fit as much as possible, you’ll find nearly a dozen of this chain from Repulse Bay to Tsim Sha Tsui. %Arabica has become one of the world's fastest-growing specialty coffee brands, known for its signature clean, simple, and direct menu, complemented by its minimalist decor. The brand draws inspiration from a Japanese ethos of precision. This is present in every aspect of %Arabica, creating a customer experience entirely focused on the coffee and the consistency of the 100s of branches worldwide. The Kennedy Town location is our favorite. The shop is two stories and is strategically positioned on the waterfront with a picturesque view over the water. 
Shop 4, G/F, Grand Fortune Mansion, No. 1, Davis St., +852-2326-4578, Open daily 9am-7pm. 



House of Culture

Photo: House of Cultures / Facebook
House of Culture integrates different cuisines while remaining heavily influenced by the Chef’s Australian heritage. Upon entry, you’d think you’d landed on Mars, but instead they’re going for the landscapes of the Margaret River in Western Australia. The apricot and peachy color palette mimics the region’s tones, while the textured walls and blue lights are like water flowing into caves. For food, there’s inventive starters like Grandma’s Focaccia with a twist of added lao lan ma (chili sauce) and preserved lemon and the Prawn Donut, bathed in laksa broth and infused with coffee oil. For mains, there’s the 12-hour slow-cooked Rendang short rib or Jajang katsu—pork katsu with gochujang and pickles. Drinks feature a selection of cocktails and Australian wines. The Milk Punch is a milk-washed mixture of brown butter rum, oolong, peach, and lime; the Old Fashioned comes with lamb fat-washed whiskey, chestnut, walnut, and cacao. 
G/F, Kenbo Commerical Building, 335-339, Queen’s Road West Sai Ying Pun, +852-2886-9689. Open Mon-Sat 6pm-late.



Shari Shari Kakigori

Photo: Green Tea Shari Shari Kakigori / Facebook
Shari Shari Kakigori is crafted by kakigori masters trained in making kakigori for years. If done well, a kakigori is not just shaved ice; it’s like eating fresh snow that melts in your mouth, and this place lives up to these expectations. For starters, the shop imports almost all of its equipment and ingredients from Japan. Even the ice blocks are sourced from Hokkaido, imparting a cleaner and silkier taste to the kakigori. They have signature flavors like the Kyoto Uji Kin Tokyo, which features matcha with azuki (red bean) paste and mochi. For something fruity, there’s the Strawberry Special with fresh strawberries and milk syrup. Expect to queue for at least half an hour—but it's worth the wait.  There are three locations, but the Causeway Bay shop is open daily. 
13, Caroline Hill Rd., Causeway Bay., Open daily 1pm-9:30pm. 



The Diplomat

Photo: The Diplomat / Facebook
You’ve had your brekkie, coffee, dessert, and plenty to soak up the booze, so now it’s time to get real. The Diplomat is an all-American-themed bar paying homage to the classics with a nod to influential political and diplomatic figures in the States. The dimly lit and intimate ambiance exudes an old-school charm with leather seats, a curved corner bar, and matte gold trimmings. Drinks include the Irish coffee, a classic with Irish whiskey, cognac tensaito (Japanese sugar), coffee, and cold cream. For a unique Daisy twist, try the Taling, a drink featuring pandan gin, baking spices, orange juice, and coconut water. And, of course, before you hit the club, don’t forget the food. Their quarter-pounder Wagyu is a crowd favorite. And, when the clock strikes midnight, guests are treated to complimentary freshly baked chocolate-chip cookies, a perfect pairing with the Irish Coffee. 
Shop 1, LG/F, 45 Pottinger St, Central., +852-3619-0302, Open Mon-Sat 6pm - till late 




Photo: Minh / Facebook
Minh is not your ordinary club experience. It’s a carefully designed underground sanctuary focusing on simplicity, with no seats or tables, no phones, no dress code, and vending machines for drinks. It encourages you to connect with your friends and dance to the well-executed house and techno beats from their Funktion One sound system. It’s an emphasis on a return to basics. And with frequent international acts, every night is different at Minh. 
4/F, Loon Kee Building, 279 Des Voeux Rd Central, Sheung Wan, +852-5918-3870. Open Fri and Sat 11pm-5am. 

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