Those with massive bank accounts, take note.


Those with massive bank accounts, take note. The ultra-luxurious hotel brand Aman ( is teaming up with bespoke travel organizer Remote Lands to offer a 21- day around-the-world private jet tour.

Aman Private Jet Expeditions sees 18 guests travel to nine countries aboard what was originally a 126-passenger-capacity Airbus that’s been refitted with private rooms and showers.

The first one takes off from Tokyo on Apr 15, 2018, and stops by Italy, Greece, Montenegro, Bhutan, Vietnam, India, Thai- land and China before touching back down on May 6.

You’ll get to enjoy the cherry blossoms in Japan, trekking in the Himalayas and floating down Venice’s Grand Canal, to name just a few highlights, all while staying at Aman’s swanky resorts and hotels at each destination. The price? A mere B3.8 million.