For those who get Friday (Jul 29) off this week, head over to Lumpini Park from 4-7pm for a one-day book event.
Nang Sue Nai Suan (Books in the Park) offers three zones for three different activities. Bring a book with you for Zone A, where you can form a small book club of eight to ten people and discuss the book each participant brings.
Zone B hosts a series of small talks by five Thai authors, one of whom, Veeraporn Nitiprapha, is a SEA Write award winner
Zone C features exhibitions, games, and other activities for small prizes like books. You are also invited to bring a book with you that you’d like to give away.

Nang Sue Nai Suan is a collaboration between the Facebook page Just Read that promotes reading and the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA). The event is a follow-up after the music in the park events, in hopes to promote more reading.