Update: This event has been canceled following complaints from the venue. Read more about the story here.
When it comes to the vanguard in progressive alcohol and brewing laws in Thailand, you might’ve heard of the Beer People (ประชาชนเบียร์) once or twice. 

Beyond fighting for your right to party, these lager lovers have been hosting beer festivals since 2020, and this time it’s at The Street Ratchada Mar 11-12, boasting arguably one of the largest local beer selections in Thailand.   

Here, you can expect to taste over 200 local craft beers from small-to-medium scaled breweries and local communities. But it isn’t just about the beer; beer experts will be arranging workshops and sharing knowledge and expertise on their craft. 

There will also be a public panel where patrons can participate in discussions with MPs on the direction of Thailand’s beer industry as well.