Thai artist Arm Wantaya makes is set to debut his latest exhibition “Unnecessary Drama” this Aug 11 at the RCB Photographers’ Gallery, showcasing his “digested interpretations and opinions” of conversations in everyday life.
The self-taught artist from Nonthaburi previously worked in advertising before leaving the industry in 2018 to focus on creating art. His work explores themes of dialogue and identity in the mundanity of everyday life with a tinge of political issues.
For “Unnecessary Drama”, Arm plays the role of a spectator in past imaginary conversations, but instead of voicing his opinions in the moment the pieces on display are reflections of his thoughts after the fact—highlighted with vibrant rose pinks, golden yellows and deep cyans art pieces.
His reflections on social and political issues have a more lighthearted and approachable take thanks to their representation in a cartoon-esque figures.
“To calm myself down, I try to look at the funny side of things,” he said of the exhibition. “Almost making fun of the topic (or people), in my own manner.”
The exhibition runs from Aug 11-31, at RCB Photographers’ Gallery 2, 2/F, River City.