Taxi Radio, a play by Fullfat Theatre, vocalizes the fractured daily lives of Bangkokians through four mutually exclusive stories told at once.

The play, written by veteran playwright Nophand Boonyai, adopts the concept of an old-timey radio drama (the clue's in the name), meaning the performance is largely auditory rather than visual. Four actors narrate four night-time stories, back and forth, from different walks of Bangkok life, delving into the social, spiritual and political problems currently overwhelming society.

Exploring the worldviews of old and young generations alike, the production also naturally touches on the impact that the distractions of social media have on day-to-day life. 

Taxi Radio, which debuted at Warehouse 30 last year, returns to the stage from Feb 12-17 at 7pm5/F, Bangkok Art and Cultural Centre (BACC),  939 Rama 1 Rd. Tickets are B600 (B300 for students). Narration will be in Thai with English subtitles on screen. For reservations, call 065-420-8596; for more information, visit