The Thonglor-based Sway club—Bangkok’s home for hip-hop—will be closing its doors on Mar 27 with a final hurrah.

“It was sold to Park Origin four years ago and they’ve already got three towers up, but they let the entertainment district stay open until basically last month,” says Sway owner Andrew Kloosterhuis. The Canadian, who started out as a DJ in Bangkok, helmed the club for eight years along with David Zalewski. 

Arena 10, bought by condo developer Park Origin, has been known to be closing since 2018, but the pubs and restaurants have struggled to stay open through Covid. Sway is the last bar standing in Arena 10, with Demo, Snail, and Barbarbar already gone.

“Obviously with Covid, none of the venues have been open for two years, except for Sway. We opened in December, basically for our staff.” Mar 27 will be the last day anyone is allowed in the area, Andrew says, as demolition will begin soon after.

“We’ve actually partnered with a couple well known restauranteurs around Thonglor and around Bangkok. So it’ll actually be two venues: one will be an Asian food restaurant, and the other will be Sway,” Andrew says. “It’s the closing of a chapter because it’s just such a massive nightlife area that’s now going to be condominiums.”

The tallest of the three-tower construction from Park Origin will be 59 floors, and the three-bedroom penthouse in Tower C expects to go for around B33.9 million.