Are you bored of take-out meals yet? This might be the time you revisit your barely-used kitchen. If you're feeling uninspired, these Thai cooking channels show that home-cooked meals can be made simple.

Krua Dot Co

Overseen by chef Nan Hongwiwat, “Krua Dot Co” is an video-based reincarnation of foodie magazine Krua. This channel produces food-related content, such as “Cook It Yourself,” a show that teaches you how to make international cuisine; “Trip Gin Laek” (food tour show); “Food Review,” featuring interviews with people in food and drink industry; and the most recent and most relevant: “Cook Su COVID-19,” a series highlighting fool-proof recipes for the quarantine period. The show is available in Thai language with Thai recipes, instructions and subtitles.


Dish is Jah

If you watch cooking videos for entertainment, then “Dish is Jah” is right up your alley. Each week, “Masterchef Thailand” season two contender Namthip “Jah” Phoosri takes on tricky challenges like cooking a fine-dining dish on a B85 budget. Expect to see her cracking countless jokes—most of which don't land—with her fellow contestants. The show is available in Thai language.


Pailin’s Kitchen

On this channel, the Canada-based host of the show “Hot Thai Kitchen” and the author of the cookbook of the same name, Pailin “Pai” Chongchitnant, shares her stress-free Thai recipes. These range from traditional sweets like tub tim krob (coated water chestnuts in coconut milk) to her grandmother’s Hainanese chicken rice. Thanks to her bubbly personality, you’ll be hooked on the show after one episode. The show is available in English language with English recipes and instructions.


Phol Food Mafia

Immerse yourself in Thai and Asian fusion cuisine from the cooking show “Phol Phak Nak Prung”—think nam prik ta daeng fettuccini, red curry crab omelette and kung pao chicken wraps. The show is hosted by actor-turned-television chef Phol Tantasathien and chef Nakul “Yeast” Kavinrat; the pair whip up a full episode every week. The show is available in Thai language with both Thai and English recipes and instructions.


Gin Dai Aroi Duay

With a decade of experience in the culinary field, this channel's host “Q” has already gained almost one million Youtube subscribers within three years. On top of showing you how to make effortless home-cooked dishes, he spills tips and tricks along the way. The show is available in Thai language with both Thai and English recipes.

Kao Krua Kub Khun Nhong

The down-to-earth Supachai “Nhong” Smermitr completely ditches the usual cooking show format—no nicely-decorated kitchen and no fancy equipment here, just genuine home-style cooking. He posts a new video every day; at the end of each show, his son Palmy tastes the dish and gives his verdict. The show is available in Thai language.