Mark your calendars, vinyl junkies: from May 18-24, Bangkok-based music and lifestyle brand Gadhouse will be hosting Gadhouse Record Week 2020, its very first online music event. You can shop for new records and listen to talks about all things music-related with record experts and enthusiasts. Sweet! 

The seven-day event also features live music across a wide range genres, from funk, disco and pop-rock to lo-fi, hip-hop and Japanese reggae, all presented by guest DJs including Panna & Twin, Notusuke, Plloyh from Track Addict Records and Tul from Apartment Khun Pa.

Other highlights include live talks hosted by record enthusiasts such as Sepsakon, allowing listeners to discover new tracks and get insight into different music styles.

In addition, the event will also be hosting a charity for guests to donate funds to help those who are affected by Covid-19.

Register here to attend and get discount vouchers. For more information, see the official Facebook event page