Promising to be one of the largest weed events since the de facto legalization of weed in Thailand, the Cannex Asia 420 Community Event at EmQuartier this weekend sent an email last night (Apr 19) stating that there would be no smoking and no bud trading at the event. 
This change in expectations—accompanied by fresh press releases—clarified previous material stating that the event would include a “Balcony Smoking Area,” “Indoor VIP Smoking Area,” and opportunity to “show off your smoking and rolling prowess in the Joint Rolling Contest and Bong Hit Contest,” as reported early by Coconuts Bangkok.
“At the first, we did not allow smoking at the event in the beginning, but I think the information is just a little bit confusing,” a representative from the event’s PR firm tells BK. “That’s why maybe people think we have smoking and selling bud at the event.” The representative said that scheduled events and competitions would go on as planned but could not explain how. 
However, BK staff report that people were indeed smoking at the Flamenco, the club at which the opening event was held. 
When reached for comment, a representative from EmQuartier said that originally they were unsure about weed smoking and selling buds, but that after the press materials were released they were concerned about the relevant laws and the mall’s reputation. 
The news comes as a disappointment to weed fans who were looking to celebrate the fulsome weed culture that has blossomed over the last 10 months—in particular seeing wide acceptance from Bangkok’s hi-so downtown mall. 
The event, which started at EmQuartier at 3:30pm today and will run through the weekend, will include food vendors including Vivin Grocery and Gallery Pizza, and will deal in the obligatory paraphernalia. 
Despite the cessation in actually weed smoking for the free event, there is a B150,000 prize pool for competitions in rolling and growing, but “Joint Rolling Contest” and “Bong Hit Contest” were omitted from the most recent press release. 
Events on Thursday begin at EmQuartier’s Flamenco bar with comedy, DJs, and more, and Friday and Saturday will continue at Helix Garden.
While the decriminalization of weed nears its year mark, use, advertisement, and sale of “products” remains a complicated issue for promoters and venues. 
As Bangkok’s first legal(ish) 420, there are events around the city to celebrate, including a stoned gaming night, a 420 cruise, live music, and more.