On Oct 6, Jo Hyu-il, commonly known by his stage name The Black Skirts, will be bringing his laid-back, romantic indie-rock stylings to De Commune.

He'll be stopping by as part of a five-leg Asian tour in support of his 2019 album Thirsty.

The rock veteran has been making music since his time in a New York punk band in the early 2000s. After returning to Korea, he gained notoriety on the Korean indie scene following the release of his 2010 album 201. The album, recorded in Jo Hyu-il’s basement, won Best Modern Rock Album at the Korean Music Awards later that year.

Now on his fourth studio album, the Korean crooner remains at the forefront of the Seoul indie scene. Even if you can’t understand the lyrics, it’s not hard to infer that the songs on Thirsty deal heavily with themes of love and loss—it’s a perfect break-up album.

Tickets are on sale now for B1,800 via EventTix.

For now, get yourself in the mood with this anthem from his latest album.