Bangkok’s about to get even hotter with Kimpton Maa-Lai’s Chilli Fest, which returns for another year on April 27. 
This fiery party will have you meeting an epic line-up of a dozen renowned Bangkok chefs, including Le Du mastermind Thitid “Ton” Tassanakajohn, Sachin Poojary from Inddee, Álvaro Ramos, Vishanu "Bank" Prempuk from Aromkwan and more.    
Brave souls will compete in a chili-eating contest for big prizes, working their way up the Scovilles from mild jalapenos to Carolina reapers. The last one to break will be crowned the chili champion. Last year’s event saw face-meltingly stiff competition.
Also on hand will be California Ink Bangkok handing out chilli tattoos—yes, real tattoos. You can also look forward to live music, DJs, dancers, a fire show, and local chili products from That Daeng Sauce and Firepower Hot Sauces. You can expect plenty of adult beverages, but, be warned, at this event, even the beer can be spicy. 

Tickets are available through Megatix.

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