Recently, the Japanese band toe announced they will play Bangkok’s Lido Connect on December 2nd.



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The four-piece, post-rock group has long been revered in indie circles. The band, formed in 2000, is composed of Kashikura Takashi on drums, Mino Takaaki and Yamazaki Hirokazu on guitar, and Yamane Satoshi on bass.

The band's soothing sound often best shines forth in purely instrumental tracks, featuring hypnotizingly clean guitar melodies, and scientifically swift drums—perfect for a long solo walk on a cool night.

If you’ve been getting a little tired of unwinding to that “lo-fi beats to study/relax/chill to" playlist, look no further than toe’s back catalogue for a significant sonic upgrade.

The band is also quite proficient. Since its formation, toe has released six EP’s and three LP’s.

Their most recent release, the aptly-titled, four-track EP, Our Latest Number, came out in August last year to critical acclaim. Their lastest full-length album, That’s Another Story came out just months prior, in January 2018.

The prolific band frequently play in Japan, especially in its hometown of Tokyo. However, this is a rare opportunity to catch the legendary post-rock wizards and their mathematical harmonies in Bangkok.

Tickets are B1500 via Ticketmelon.

While you're waiting for the show, catch the vibe with a track from the 2006 EP, New Sentimentality.