The group of ethical fashion practitioners behind Fashion Revolution Thailand are back for the third time this Apr 20-26, hosting insightful online discussions on the impact of Covid-19 on Thailand’s fashion industry.

To coincide with this year’s Earth Day, a live Q&A session themed “What’s On Earth” will take place on Apr 22, featuring talks on how to foster sustainable lifestyles and better connect with nature and the community. Those will be led by high-profile figures like beauty guru and eco-activist Pearypie, actress and writer Kamolned Ruengsri, natural farmer and biologist Mon Jirawan, singer and multidisciplinary artist Note Panayanggool, artist and actress Jintanutda “Pango” Lummakanon, and artist and photographer Marisa “Eve” Rungroj. 

Apr 23 will see a discussion under the theme “Fashion as Unusual” on decoding the future of Thailand’s fashion industry and the importance of sustainability post-Covid-19. That will be led by Wiwut Hirunpruk, director of business development at Thailand Textile Institute; Narissa Limpanathon, head of social impact at Zilingo; Panrapee Pukkajiam, founder of sustainable textile and garment initiative Tum-ma-ha-gin; Tanida Disyabut, regional manager of Quizrr; and Siriorn Teankaprasith, creative and managing director of Painkiller.

A panel discussion centered on the theme “Crafting Local Future” will take place on Apr 25, featuring local designers as guest speakers, including the founders of Mann Craft, Kamon Indigo and Doister, on how crafts and slow fashion can empower and uplift the well-being of local communities.

The talks will all be hosted on Zoom and registration is free of charge. To attend, click here.

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