As seen on Conan, Leno, and his own Netflix special “Dwayne Perkins: Take Note”, Dwayne Perkins will be taking to the stage of the Comedy Club Bangkok on Friday, Jun 24 at 8pm—preceded by some of Bangkok’s own homegrown talent. Tickets are available here
Playing tomorrow in Phuket and with a show in Chiang Mai on the 25th and Hua Hin on Jun 26, Dwayne Perkins speaks to BK Magazine ahead of the Thailand leg of his tour.
What do you expect out of the crowds in Bangkok?
I had a blast last time I was in Bangkok. The crowds were attentive and laughed a lot. That's the combination every comic prays for. So I'm expecting that. Hopefully everyone will be ready to have fun after the world being closed for two years. I know I am.
You’ve traveled all over the world doing stand-up. Where has been your least favorite place to perform?
Anywhere where the crowd consists of all comics. That quickly becomes a judgmental workshop.  
You’ve got a sort of likable, friendly comedy style. Is that hard to maintain now that everyone in the entire world hates each other?
Great question. Yes and no. If I venture into a sensitive topic it can be very hard and nowadays more and more things are touchy subjects. But if you speak from the heart and don't punch down, things usually work out. The key is to not let the outliers spoil the fun. Although, an outlier with a few drinks in them can bring any show to a screeching halt. But usually things go well. 
You’ve worked with a lot of amazing people in comedy—Conan, Leno, and of course all the talent on the stand-up circuit. Who blew your mind when you met them?
So many people. But meeting George Carlin and working on a show with him was definitely surreal. I'd say it was a dream come true but I never even dreamed that could happen.  
America's recent coup was unsuccessful. Have you come to Bangkok to learn the secret to our success? 
Most definitely. And also to maybe secure some lodging in Thailand in case the next attempt is successful.