For a lucky few craft beer lovers, this Saturday is going to be IPAmazing, as the morgue-themed Phrom Phong location of Hair of the Dog features a blind taste test of its new brews.

Hair of the Dog, known for their extensive selection of craft beer, will feature the private tasting for a limited number of patrons from 4pm to 7pm, showcasing eight beers. 

“This one’s...focused on the new dump of beers that just came,” says Pete Spalino, HotD owner. “We think it’s a bit more fun to do it without telling you what it is…We’ll give you a beer progression that we think makes sense and in between we talk about it, taste it, and then we reveal what that beer is. Then we can have a laugh and say, ‘Oh! I thought I tasted mango or licorice.’”

The B1,300 per person event includes a dinner break and when the whole shebang is over at 7pm, as HotD is wont to do, merriment will continue throughout the evening. HotD, known for its peculiar macabre chic, reopened its Ploen Chit location after a year and a half closed due to Covid. 

It’s been good times for craft beer brewers of late, with the massive Brewave opening recently and rumors that the stupid, stupid alcohol laws might be turned back if the MPs can ever be bothered to show up for work

Mar 26, 4pm-7pm, 593 27 Sukhumvit Rd, Khwaeng Khlong Tan Nuea, 020302538