Update, Mar 29, 2019: Concert organizer VijiCorp has announced Foals will perform live at Moonstar Studio on Aug 14. General admission tickets will be B2,200, on sale at Ticketmelon.com from Apr 6.

British rock band Foals look set to make their long-awaited Bangkok debut. 

This morning (Mar 27), local gig organizer Viji Corp posted a snippet of a video that plays the brief intro of a song, before text the big reveal is spelled out: "Foals Live In Bangkok, Stay Tuned."

No further information is available as yet on when, where and how much the concert will cost, yet the video has racked up over 100 comments and almost 1,000 shares in two hours.

Foals is a rock band from Oxford, England, led by iconic frontman Yannis Philippakis. Since 2008 they’ve released five albums of upbeat indie rock, the latest being this month's Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost - Part 1, which incorporates more electronic sounds than usual. Part 2 is scheduled to come out in autumn 2019, with Philippakis telling Beats 1 radio that it will be less dancey and more rock in sound than Part 1.

Other notable songs by the band include "My Number" from the album 2013 Holy Fire and Total Life Forever from the album of the same name in 2010.

Foals had been scheduled to perform at Thailand's Silver Lake music festival way back in 2014, alongside Nine Inch Nails, The Hives and more, before it was abruptly canceled.

While we stay glued for more details, check out this track from Foals' latest album: