British city pop band Prep are returning to Bangkok for what they’ve called “the biggest headline show [they’ve] ever done” this May 29 at Union Hall (Union Mall, 54 Lad Phrao Soi 1). Thanks to incredible demand, the show was recently moved to Union Hall’s larger second hall, too.
Formed by a hip-hop producer, a classical composer, a house DJ and a singer-songwriter with credits on tracks for Drake and Foxes, among others, Prep falls under the “city pop” genre—a touchstone for subgenres like vaporwave. That means they mine the sound of 1970s and 1980s Japan, fusing funk, R&B, groove and jazz with contemporary pop music. They create smooth, funky and very danceable tracks, like the 2016 breakthrough “Cheapest Flight” and their recently released single featuring Anna of the North, “Over.”
Tickets are B1,200 Zone B (the back of the house) and B1,700 for Zone A (closest to the stage) via Ticketmelon.   
Check out the official music video for Prep’s 2016 hit “Who’s Got You Singing Again” here: