2020 has been nothing short of dramatic, and now that Covid-19 is creeping its way into the city, we are left without much choice but to stay indoors. We’ve done all the important research, though, and we’ve got you covered when it comes to what to watch on Netflix while you self-quarantine or engage in some social distancing. Being alone is good for us, right?

Doomsday kind of mood

An informative docuseries that focuses on the doctors, scientists and experts who are battling influenza and fast-moving viruses. How’s that for timing?
A period drama with political conniving, heartbreak and even zombies: the recently released second season of this Korean series packs it all into six action-fueled episodes.
This horror film focuses on a journalist and her cameraman, who get locked up in an apartment complex where they find dogs and people with a highly virulent disease that turns them into bloodthirsty savages. Gruesome and kind of creepy.
“93 Days”
Centered on the ebola outbreak in Nigeria, this film is based on the true story of the health workers who helped contain the mass outbreak. Here we have folks like Anutin overseeing the outbreak. That should make for a good movie someday.
All goes to hell when the famous Titanic strikes an iceberg, which is the metaphorical equivalent of Bangkok bar-goers partying on while half the room is absolutely teeming with coronavirus. We’re pretty sure you know how this ends, but in case you’re one of the 10 people worldwide who hasn’t watched “Titanic,” we won’t spoil it for you. 
“World War Z”
Brad Pitt stars as a United Nations investigator who makes his way through a zombie-infested town to find the source of the outbreak. If only his looks could save us all!

Dramas with great dialogue

“Marriage Story”
This awards show darling involves a couple who are going through divorce, illuminating how things can go from good to bad quickly. Witty yet sometimes heart-rending, this movie will hit you right in the feels. 
“Uncut Gems”
Adam Sandler shows a different side as a jeweler who spirals down the wrong path, making bad bets that have collectors hunting him down. This film is a bit twisted—it might even leave you feeling uneasy and slightly stressed, kind of like how you might feel if you stepped foot in Don Muang pretty much anytime—but it’s well worth it.
“Narcos: Mexico”
Season two of the critically acclaimed series’ deep dive into the rise of Mexico’s brutal cartels keeps following the cocaine trail, from Colombia to Culiacán to California.
“Better Call Saul”
The “Breaking Bad” spinoff is now on season five. If you haven’t followed the gradual progression and transformation of Jimmy into Saul Goodman, now would be a good time to get caught up.

When you need some loving

“Crash Landing on You”
This Korean series is a true love story about a South Korean businesswoman who accidently paraglides into North Korea, where she meets a captain from the DMZ and, against all odds, they fall for each other. With all your free time now, you can even start learning Korean, so you can enjoy this series without subtitles. 
“Sex Education”
The second season of this hormone-fueled teen series focuses on Otis, the sex educator’s son who now has a girlfriend but is experiencing major issues with intimacy and commitment.
“Fifty Shades Freed”
Because two installments of the trashy romp through a BDSM-fueled sexscape just weren’t enough. Are you not entertained?

In the mood for food

“Ugly Delicious”
The hit series is back with a more humble David Chang, who brings along some friends and takes us through staples like steak and fried chicken around the world. This is a feel-good show for all.
“The Chef Show
Roy Choi from LA’s Kogi and Jon Favreau (who filmed the movie “Chef”) reunite in this travel-docuseries, showcasing foods from across the world and bringing their famous friends to cook and dine together.
Food writer Michael Pollan shows us it’s not always about food porn. Transforming one of his books to the screen, he highlights the history of human cooking through four elements: fire, water, air and earth.
“Taco Chronicles”
If you’ve ever wanted to learn about the origins of some of Mexico’s most famous tacos, this is the show for you. Al pastor and carnitas take center stage in the Spanish docuseries, but the food and music are as beautiful as the stories. Don’t watch on an empty stomach.

All-time classics

“Fresh Prince of Bel Air”
This ‘90s sitcom starring Will Smith is good for the whole family. Plus, Carlton’s dancing is epic.
You probably know all the lines by heart. But does “Friends” ever get boring? We think not.
“Brooklyn Nine Nine”
This binge-worthy police comedy starring Andy Samberg is outright hilarious. It follows the lives of talented and, at times, immature New York City cops who nevertheless get the job done.
“Coming to America”
This ‘80s hit is an all-time classic. Eddie Murphy plays crown prince Akeem Joffer, who leaves his royal life in Zamunda and lives in America as a commoner with his loyal companion Semmi (Arsenio Hall).