For all the greenwashing out there, not many music festivals permanently give back to the planet by planting a new section of forest. But, that’s exactly what’s going down on January 27 at Bonanza Khao Yai with Beatforest.
Part of the festival will involve tree planting to improve the surrounding grasslands at Bonanza, with the goal of planting more than 200 trees, according to claims from the festival’s social media. But, of course, it’s also a music festival filled with Thai acts and activities for nature lovers, including camping and bike-riding.
The festival will take place across two stages, featuring CEM, Jasss, Stefan Goldmann, Hysteria Temple Foundation, Sunju Hargun, Marmosets, Mae Happyair, Heartbreakkid, Footprints on Mars, Payu, Jakrin, Mo-Funk, JPBS,  Wannarit / Michael / Yuki, Mudlogger, Crsrcrsr, Beam Wong, Meltmode, Made in Kor.Bor.Vor, Human Spectrum, Kobored, Panlert, Bicycle Boy, and Lava. 
Kicking off at 3pm on Jan 27, details of the event were released earlier this month at a press conference at Bangkok’s hot Never Normal club, complete with an after party. 
Tickets for the event currently start at B1,200. However, the organizers are offering a number of more upscale packages for the luxe nature lovers amongst you, ranging from B4,320 for one night packages to B14,000 two-night packages that include three early bird tickets to go with a 66 square meter family suite at Parco Condo. Tickets are available at Ticketmelon