Like to watch Muay Thai fighters pound each other in the ring but wish it came with tastier alcohol? Fight fans can now do both: catch a live Muay Thai match at a historic stadium while sipping punchy booze made with northern rum. 
Before renovation begins at the oldest boxing stadium and renowned Muay Thai institution that is Rajadamnern Boxing Stadium, a bar serving cocktails made of Isaan Rum has popped up ringside.
Fresh from being ranked Asia’s 43rd best bar, Soi Nana’s Asia Today got the chance to be the first cocktail bar operating inside a boxing stadium, where only one of its swill beer sponsors had been sold.
Three drinks are available at the pop-up bar led by Attapon De Silva (formerly of Q&A). For a warm-up, start with a tropical thirst-quencher, the Isaan Coco (B200) that simply mixes Isaan Rum with fresh coconut juice. As the heat builds up inside the ring, switch to an Isaan Sour (B220). The fizzy drink has an irresistible orange-pink hue and will keep you cool with the same rum, lime cordial, red wine, and ginger ale. 
Trying to cut booze from your routine? Just grab a summertime staple: a whole coconut. It comes with revitalizing juice and fresh coconut meat priced at B90.
The pop-up bar will open every Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday this month at Rajadamnern Boxing Stadium. 
The boxing stadium dates back to World War II, when it hosted the first Muay Thai battle in 1945. 
Earlier this month, Global Sports Ventures announced that it would invest in “revolutionizing” the stadium for new generations and fans around the world. The new version of the Rajadamnern Stadium is expected to open in July.
This article was previously published by BK Magazine partner Coconuts Bangkok
All photos by Chayanit Itthipongmaetee