It’s been a year of change for the historic Sam Yan neighborhood, its living archives of aged food centers and parts shops transformed by new developments like Samyan Mitrtown. One 80-year-old building is doomed to be demolished, but in the meantime a group of young architects and creative designers from Cloud Floor and IF (Integrated Field) are giving it one last run around.

The Shophouse 1527 is an experimental public art space with a limited one-year lifespan. Over the past few months, it’s played host to monthly-changing exhibitions that focus on connecting generations by providing a space to connect, interact and share ideas. Here, Sam Yan’s old, traditional community faces up to rapid urbanization in everything from installation and performance art to digital, urban and architectural works.

Their next exhibition is set to take place from Feb 1-9 as part of Bangkok Design Week. Titled "Phāla," it promises a floral installation combined with a tea experience. Stay tuned to the Facebook page for updates.

The Shophouse 1527, 1527 Rama IV Rd., 064-783-5566. Open Tue-Sun 11am-7pm