4K restoration breathes new life into a Thai classic. 

Plae Kao (The Scar), Cherd Songsri's 1977 film adaptation of Mai Muengderm's novel, is set to return to screens locally. 

A 4K restored version of the classic will premiere with English subtitles at Scala Theater on Sep 20 (from 8pm, tickets B120-160). The film will also enjoy a limited release in Bangkok from Oct 18. 

A tragedy set in 1936 Bang Kapi, then a village surrounded by rice paddies, the film centers on two lovers, Kwan and Riam (played by Sorapong Chatree and Nantana Ngao-krachang, respectively), who are born to rival families determined to put an end to their romance at any cost.

Released at a time of great political upheaval, the film's nostalgic rural scenes and heartbreaking plot struck a nerve—generating B13 million at the local box office, a record at the time. 

Since then, though, the film has slid from consciousness somewhat. Although Mai Muengderm's novel has been the subject of further remakes (most notably M.L. Pundhevanop Dhewakul's 2014 version), Cherd's The Scar has actually never been released on DVD, making this a very welcome development.

The restoration comes courtesy of the Thai Film Archive, who also brought forgotten 1954 film Santi-Vina back to the big screen a couple of years ago. The Scar will also show at Busan International Film Festival in South Korea next month.