Oh, we know if you've been bad or good and we know you probably want to throttle Mariah Carey until she's a high-pitched pink mist. If you're giving Christmas a miss this weekend, this is for you. 



Christmas can’t put a finger on Jam, which will be playing Wept from Indonesia, Abiboss, Chamber of Tapeworms, and more of that mad music we’ve come to love at a space we’re so happy to have back at the 9th Cacophonous. B200 Jam


Beats & Sweets

Doors open at 6pm for a special mix of dessert and tunes—with bites from Jason Licker at Jua and beats from DJ Jammal Tarkington for one night only. Booking via Line: @jua.bkk, Jua



Coco at Smalls

After a year stint in Norway Coco Rouzier is back as Coco Lashaun at Smalls on Friday at 9pm for a jazzy night at one of the city’s coolest hangs. B300, Smalls


Sarnies Night Live presents GSUS2

We’re old enough to remember when Sarnies Night Live First began 500 years ago (10 months ago), and now it’s a go-to for so many wanting good food and a chill Friday night. Music with GSUS2 starts at 7:30pm. Free entry, Sarnies Bangkok



An exhibition with five artists celebrating kinks, BDSM, and sex positivity will kick off on Friday at Pulse starting at 7pm and with a party at Backdoor Club running to late. B800 for exhibition and party, Pulse Gallery 



Neal Brennan Live in Bangkok

You might know him from Netflix or maybe from Dave Chapelle—or maybe from his previous Bangkok shows—but Neal Brennan is back for your entertainment at the Comedy Club Bangkok on Christmas Eve. Tickets here, Comedy Club Bangkok


G-Shock and Preduce Launch 

Preduce celebrates its 20th anniversary Saturday with a big launch party at where else but Baan Preduce for a limited edition G-Shock DW-5600 from Casio starting at 1:30pm. Free entry, Baan Preduce 


Chitbeer 10th Year Anniversary

If you know Koh Kret, you had better know Chitbeer. Last week they brought the bluegrass, and this week they’re bringing a celebration of 10 years of being the best thing on the river island north of the city. Free entry, Chitbeer


Mischa Cheap Day Party

Mischa Cheap’s day parties are becoming the way to start your weekend, and this week they’ll be rolling with Krokakai, Anyatareek, Krit Morton, Acid Sister on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day starting at 3pm. Free entry, Mischa Cheap


Bangkok Invaders at Bar Yard

If you want this special day to be sky-high, hi-so, and thumping, then your best bet is Bar Yard, which will be putting on the stylings of DJ GolfinDro and MC Pete D. Free entry, Bar Yard




Creation of Adam Live

Who says Santa wasn’t metal? Creation of Adam will be playing for the 808 Error Not Found Tour 2022 at Live Haus on Christmas night with headbanging one and all. Tickets here, Live Haus BKK