The "international shopping" mode makes it a lot easier for us to make orders. 

It's now easier than ever for people in Thailand to order items from after the American online retail giant added a new "international shopping" mobile feature. 

Available via Amazon's Shopping iOS and Android apps, as well as the mobile web browser, the new feature lets users from more than 100 countries clearly see which products can be shipped to their location from the United States, and also automatically calculates additions such as shipping costs and import fees.

Customers can shop in 25 currencies, including Thai baht, across five languages (Spanish, English, simplified Chinese, Brazilian Portuguese and German), with more to be added throughout the year.

Yet, despite these developments, there are plenty of limitations for Thailand-based customers.

Though topping 45 million items, from electronics to fashion to books, the eligible product range is still relatively limited and prices remain subject to hefty shipping and taxation costs.

So while it's perhaps now easier to scroll through Amazon's products (without having to trawl through the US site for items that ship overseas), and get a better idea of the end price you'll be paying in baht, that pricing (and lenghthy delivery waits) may well still scare you off. 

Amazon Prime—the subscription service that offers various e-commerce benefits alongside video and music streaming—is not part of the expansion, but is being mooted for the future.