Pipatchara, one of Thailand’s leading fashion brands, has graced the catwalks in local and global fashion capitals such as Paris, New York, Dubai, and most recently London. Now they’re returning to Thailand to showcase of their Butterfly Effects collection at EmSphere.
The brand is big on sustainability, with their “Infinitude” line of products one of the most well-known examples of upcycling orphan plastic to create unique geometrically tabbed garments and accessories. 
The collection is inspired by the “butterfly effect” principle in which one small change can create large consequences. Unlike most high fashion houses, they make a point to stay away from the trend of releasing a completely new look or following trends every season.
This is a showcase of the brand’s journey and achievements from the beginning to present day, featuring 30 of their most show-stopping looks from past Pipatchara collections.
The ‘Butterfly Effects’ collection, which launched at Emsphere on March 5, is part of the “World’s Fashion District: Equinox Summer 2024” campaign by the Em District mall group. It aims to display global spring-summer 2024 fashion trends and highlight Thai designers.
The campaign extends to the end of March, offering promotions and exciting activities in collaboration with more than a hundred fashion brands at Em District’s Emporium, Emquartier, and the freshly opened Emsphere.
Pipatchara’s flagship store is open for visits at Emsphere, G Floor. You can also check out items via their website.